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Looks like a fun bike!

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Playing around with my food again. It’s Veggie Burger Pac Man!

Who remembers this childhood dessert? I do!

My beautiful wall art from my nieces and nephew. I love being an aunt!

My first free drink from a bar/bartender, a Princess Peach. It was two days before my 20th birthday. I’m a winner.

I want rollers.

Back to being healthy, I guess. At least for the most part. (Taken with Instagram)

Outdoor shower timeee #vacation #outdoor shower (Taken with Instagram)

First fire of the summer. It’s nice and warm in the evening weather. (Taken with Instagram)

I miss my bike so much.

Can’t wait to go for a ride when I get back.

First day out on the lake!

Hello again, Tennessee.

So adorable. They are awesome dogs!

So adorable. They are awesome dogs!

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